Python script for automatic synchronisation of ‘Read it later’ list and webpage

Adding to 'Read it later' list

One of the powerful features of firefox is that it has thousands of useful addons. We are going to deal with such an addon – Read it later. It allows us to book mark page to read later with just a click. I was happy living with it.

But on one fine day, Hrishiettan told me about sharing the links we read and its advantages. Sharing links will help many people to find interesting articles easily and it will also act as a link-index in case if we want to refer it again. The idea is really good and he told he would start working on a php app.

On another day, I told about this to Raghesh sir. He told there’s an option to export our list to html in ‘Read it later’. That’s it! They have an API too! Got the API key from their website, cleared all existing links as they contain irrelevant news links, and wrote following script. It now updates the links in every 5 minutes automatically from my ‘Read it later’ list.  Thank you :)

ps: The standard way of xml parsing didn’t work, that’s why I wrote it rude :)


A python script to generate SQL queries for importing links/blogroll in another wordpress blog

Here’s the problem: There are 30 precious links in my old blog under blogroll. Exporting feature of wordpress does not export the contents in blogroll/links. The task is to import those links in this new blog with minimum effort.

Well, Adding 30 links manually ain’t difficult – it may take a maximum of 15 minutes to complete the task. But it’s too repetitive and boring. The best way is obviously writing a script.

Here’s a small python script that generates SQL queries to insert old blogroll items in new database. It will ask for old blog URL and new database name – that’s it, it will search your old blog for blogroll links and print INSERT statements in stdout suitable for executing in phpmyadmin or directly in mysql shell :)

Hope you like it, Thank you :)

New home!

It was one of my dreams to have an own domain. With god’s grace, It’s cherished now.

Thank a lot to Manuettan and his firm Coolwrks for kindly hosting this website. If he hadn’t provided me free hosting, I wouldn’t have even registered this domain :)

Please update your feed /email subscriptions from old blog to this one. Thank you :)